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Welcome to Heavy Metal Dating

Welcome to Heavy Metal Dating! Europe’s premier on-line Metal Dating community; run by Metal Headz for Metal Headz!

Our site and member base has been built from scratch within a brand new environment and NOT using a pre-filled or multi-site shared database as many other dating and communal websites. This means that with us you are not only in contact with like-minded Rockers & Metal Headz but with 100% true members of the Metal World!

Once registered you can meet & greet, upload music and videos as well as message, blog, chat and become friends with our already huge list of members.

Whether you are looking for your Soul-mate a new beer buddy of the same or opposite sex or a gang of friends to go to gigs with, you can create your profile and start searching FREE! You will also get full accesses for 24 hours from signing up!

Our membership packages then start from as little as £2.99! So what are you waiting for - REGISTER NOW!

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Welcome to Europes #1 Heavy Metal dating community

Heavy Metal Dating - Where Metal Headz Unite!

Heavy Metal Dating is 100% populated by GENUINE Heavy Metal fans rather than from a multi-interest, multi-site 3rd party database as many other online dating site are. You will find only Rockers, Metal Headz and Music enthusiats here at Heavy Metal Dating!

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